Meet myHummy: cuddly white noise toys for your baby

Early parenthood is full of sleepless nights. New parents often say they didn’t believe it would be as difficult as it is.
But what if there was a way to help parents get a good nights sleep?
That’s the question that a young mum asked herself. Then she looked at a teddy bear… and myHummy was born.
She teamed up with fellow parents to make her vision a reality.
Together, they created a series of ingenious toys that emit white noise to help babies sleep peacefully at night.

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What’s in the humming heart of myHummy?

The heart of myHummy emits a Gaussian white noise signal.
This specific signal closely resembles the sounds your little one experienced in the womb.
myHummy emits 5 different types of this white noise, these resemble: a hairdryer, a vacuum cleaner,
ocean waves, falling rain, and amniotic fluid with heartbeat.

myHummy Humming Heart

myHummy Humming Heart
myHummy Humming Heart
myHummy Humming Heart
myHummy Humming Heart
myHummy Humming Heart
  • myHummy icon of five white noises emitted by myHummy Humming Heart.
  • myHummy icon of Sleep Sensor of myHummy Humming Heart.
  • myHummy icon of Non-Stop System of myHummy Humming Heart.
  • myHummy icon of 60 minutes white noise emission of myHummy Humming Heart.
  • myHummy icon of Humming Heart which is handled via one single button.
  • myHummy icon of machine washable myHummy products.

In Sleep Sensor mode, the humming heart gently fades the white noise out after 60 minutes of playing.
After that, the myHummy will resume humming if it hears baby waking or if there is an increase in background noise.
myHummy can also be set to Non-Stop mode which will play your chosen sound continuously for 12 hours,
helping the entire family to sleep well through the night.

myHummy Sleeping Aid Hummy Girl and myHummy Sleeping Aid Hummy Boy. Humming Heart is coming out from its side pocket.

Silence is strange and hard to understand for newborn babies. For nine months, our little ones were surrounded
by mum’s heartbeat, the swoosh of blood around the placenta and a magnitude of muffled noises from the outside world.
Gentle humming noises reminds them of the safety of prenatal life and allows them to feel more at ease when falling asleep.

This is exactly where myHummy comes in.
Our toys produce special kinds of white noise that soothes your baby while masking surrounding sounds,
helping your baby sleep with a feeling of warmth and comfort.

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See how they sleep with myHummy watching over them…

myHummy toys are carefully produced and made
with only the highest quality materials

myHummy Sleeping Aid Hummy Boy. myHummy Humming Heart comes out from its side pocket.

Made of safe, certified materials
Suitable for babies from birth
Machine washable
Produced in Europe
Compliant with EU standards
Award winning and
recommended by parents

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